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John Tojo (Founder & Owner)

Establishing career origins in Tokyo, the ambitions of developing an internationally viable styling sense brought me over to the United States, where I garnered experience in the western hair industry, mainly in California and Texas. After returning to Japan, I continued hairstyling at salons located across Omotesando, Aoyama and Yokohama while building my own brand: The Absolute.

Focusing on perfecting styles which emphasize dimensional hair coloring and elaborate highlighting, I’ve gained support from clientele both domestic and international. My design aesthetic is characterized by the combination of intricate Japanese techniques and fashion trends of the international world.


An exclusive, radiant new look that is exciting and inspiring for the wearer–such is the intent behind creating premium hair designs as a high end product.

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🔷What is your personal background?

Originally from Osaka, I resided in Fukuoka while attending beauty school. Due to the nature of my parents’ work, I’ve also spent time living in various parts across Japan.  

🔷Tell me a bit about your history as a professional hairstylist.

My career began in Tokyo where I established my professional skill sets over a span of 10 years before broadening my horizons to the United States. During my time in California and Texas as a stylist, I gained industry experience in management aspects alongside working with international clientele. 

While the plans to establish my own brand ‘The Absolute’ were already in the works back then,

I was inspired to study and integrate fashion as part of the vision as well.

Learning how to effectively communicate such a brand’s intentions is all part of the journey.  

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🔷What is your technical specialty?

To begin, choosing the perfect hair color is essential. But In fact, every step to follow is also important to get right: from the precise design of the cut, processing, shampooing and treatmenting, styling and blow drying, to head spa relaxation services–everything together, the whole experience.


As I am earnestly committed to customer satisfaction, I believe that the reason for clients to return should be earned through consistently valuing, and meeting  expectations. 

Among the processes, what truly makes The Absolute’s brand unique is in the coloring method–an elaborate combination of highlights, balayage, airtouch and ombre. This technique was developed and perfected over countless years of iterations, as now my own distinguished design.

Regarding longevity, skillfully executed hair coloring not only looks great in the moment, but it could remain stunning in the months to follow. I try to envision how the roots would grow in and blend into the design, ensuring a natural and stylish transition as time passes.


Existing within the modern, fast-paced and competitive world within which the newer generations seek impactful or trending hair designs, what remains at the core of the hairstylists’ purpose is the unchanging responsibility in understanding what the client truly desires–the reason for their time, their investment, helping to achieve the vision of oneself. May it be class and elegance, positivity and radiance, or simply discovering a new and true you that you seek, The Absolute brand’s philosophy is to value, embrace and support your endeavors.

🔷What are your current goals?

To share The Absolute brand with as many people in the world as possible, and in doing so, invoke their confidence and joy. Whatever it may take to make that happen, I believe it is worth the effort.

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